Christian Potzner

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Charged quantum dots provide an important platform for a range of emerging quantum technologies. Colloidal quantum dots in particular offer unique advantages for such applications (facile synthesis, manipulation and compatibility with a wide range of environments), especially if stable charged states can be harnessed in these materials. Here we engineer the(More)
We show that the wandering of transition frequencies in colloidal quantum dots does not follow the statistics expected for ordinary diffusive processes. The trajectory of this anomalous spectral diffusion is characterized by a sqrt[t] dependence of the squared deviation. The behavior is reproduced when the electronic states of quantum dots are assumed to(More)
Spectral diffusion of the emission line of single colloidal nanocrystals is generally regarded as a random process. Here, we show that each new spectral position has a finite memory of previous spectral positions, as evidenced by persistent anticorrelations in time series of spectral jumps. The anticorrelation indicates that there is an enhanced probability(More)
Structured poly(glycidyl methracrylate) (poly-GMA) brushes have been grafted onto flexible fluoro-polymer films using a radiation grafting process. The reactive epoxide of poly-GMA provides the basis for a versatile biofunctionalization of the grafted brushes. Structure definition by extreme ultraviolet (EUV) exposure allowed nanometer-scale resolution of(More)
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