Christian Pleul

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The development of tele-operated experimentation and its provision to distance learners opens new dimensions of knowledge acquisition, particularly where experiments are the core elements of engineering education. The finalized EU-funded project PeTEX–Platform for e-Learning and Telemetric Experimentation has developed a prototype of an e-learning platform(More)
The aim of the PeTEX-project is to establish an eLearning platform for the development, implementation, and delivery of educational training programs in the field of manufacturing engineering. The PeTEX team designs both: a technical platform for eLearning based on “Moodle” including distributed tele-operated experimentation facilities, and didactic and(More)
This contribution presents a learning scenario in which online learning is connected with live-experiments in mechanical engineering for different manufacturing technologies. The experiments are remote-controlled and monitored by the learner within physical-real laboratories in three European cities. The aim is to design a technical platform including(More)
Within laboratories in Engineering Education students have the chance to do own experiments and by that gain own experiences in their learning processes – means that they are an adequate opportunity to implement experiential and research based learning. Recently finished research projects e.g. like the PeTEX project done by universities in Dortmund(More)
The use of laboratories in Higher Engineering Education is an adequate opportunity to implement forms of experiential learning like problem-based or researchbased learning into manufacturing technology. The introduction of remote laboratories gives students the opportunity to do self-directed research and by that having their own and unique learning(More)
Particularly in environments where experiments are the core elements of learning, it is considerably important how experiments are accessible and operable. Especially in the field of production engineering education, real-time remote "hands on" laboratories did not exist in the past. During the EU funded project "Platform for e-learning and Telemetric(More)