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The two species of Atlantic sea sturgeon on either shore of the North Atlantic, Acipenser sturio in Europe and A. oxyrinchus in North America, probably diverged with the closure of the Tethys Sea and the onset of the North Atlantic Gyre 15-20 million years ago, and contact between them was then presumably precluded by geographic distance. Here we present(More)
Recent expansion of highly pathogenic avian infl uenza H5N1: a critical review. In Response: Sengupta et al. (1) discuss the role of ecoregions in the distribution of HPAI (H5N1) outbreaks. Although the concept of ecore-gions is undoubtedly useful in global biogeography, we do not understand the point they are trying to make. In our article (2), which is(More)
The Asian houbara bustard Chlamydotis macqueenii is a partial migrant of conservation concern found in deserts of central Asia and the Middle East. In the southern part of the species range, resident populations have been greatly fragmented and reduced by sustained human pressure. In the north, birds migrate from breeding grounds between West Kazakhstan and(More)
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