Christian Parrot

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To benefit from distributed architectures, many applications need a coarse grain paral-lelisation of their programs. In order to help a non-expert parallel programmer to take advantage of this possibility, we have carried out a tool called STEP (Système de Transformation pour l'Exécution Paralì ele). From a code decorated with OpenMP directives, this(More)
We compared the efficacy, duration, and side effects of preservative-free morphine injected into the caudal space in children, with caudal bupivacaine and with intravenous morphine administration for relief of postoperative pain. Forty-six children, ages 1-16 yr, were randomly assigned to receive intravenous morphine (control group), caudal bupivacaine(More)
The grid usage is facing the problem that consists in running existing sequential code for parallel execution transparently (ie. using source code without modification). AIPE is a middleware that deals with this problem. MPIPP is the software component we have developed to allow the generation of MPI derived datatypes from C datatype definitions(More)
The STEP tool allows source-to-source transformation of programs , from OpenMP to MPI, for execution on distributed-memory platforms. This paper describes tests of STEP on popular benchmarks, and analyses the results. These experiments provide both encouraging feedback and directions for improvement of the tool.