Christian Pacha

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Preface This report is a summary of the activities in the field of resonant tunneling device circuit design. (GMUD) during the first year of the Microelectronics Advanced Research Initiative projects ANSWERS (Autonomous Nanoelectronic Systems with Extended Replication and Signalling) and LOCOM (Logic Circuits with Reduced Complexity based on Devices with(More)
This paper presents an evaluation of body biasing based on measured static and dynamic device performance. The efficiency of body biasing in sub-130 nm CMOS circuits strongly depends on the device type and operating temperature. While forward biasing still provides a srgnificant performance gain in a 90 nm CMOS triple well process, the efficiency of reverse(More)
Resonant tunneling transistors and circuit architectures with enhanced computational functionality are promising candidates for future nano-scale integration. In this paper we propose a full adder cell based on multiple terminal linear threshold gates. The threshold gates are composed of monolithically integrated resonant tunnel-ing diodes and(More)
This paper describes the design of arithmetic circuits based on hybrid integrated resonant tunneling diodes and heterostructure eld-eeect transistors. The key components are depth-2 parallel counters consisting of multiple terminal threshold gates. In particular, we propose a novel parallel addition scheme by combining threshold logic and systolic(More)