Christian P Moritz

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Western blot analysis is routinely employed for quantifying differences in protein levels between samples. To control equal loading and to arithmetically compensate loading differences, immunodetection of housekeeping proteins is commonly used. Due to potential biases, this approach has been criticized. Here, we evaluate epicocconone-based total protein(More)
In the mammalian auditory brainstem, the cochlear nuclear complex (CN) and the superior olivary complex (SOC) feature structural and functional specializations for ultrafast (<1 ms) and precise information processing. Their proteome, the basis for structure and function, has been rarely analyzed so far. Here we identified and quantified the protein profiles(More)
Western blotting is an analytical method widely used for detecting and (semi-)quantifying specific proteins in given samples. Western blots are continuously applied and developed by the protein community. This review article focuses on a significant, but not yet well-established, improvement concerning the internal loading control as a prerequisite to(More)
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