Christian Olivier

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In t h ~ s paper. we propose a segmentation method and handwritten word coding method by human observation for automaw document processing in Arabic. The system is composed of three levels. The first level deals with the word segmentation into portions of characters called graphemes. the second level analyses these graphemes and codes the word by a sequence(More)
A perfect segmentation method would be capable to segment words in letters. It would be then possible to define a process on letters. Unfortunately, such a method is almost impossible to obtain due to the nature of handwritten words. To tackle this problem, our approach segments the word into graphemes. We propose in this paper an analytical approach based(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel approach to compress jointly a Multi-Channel Electrocardiogram (MCE) and an ultrasound image. We will show that this technique allows better performances, in terms of compression ratio (CR) compared to coding separately both modalities. In this approach, scaled ECG samples are inserted within the high frequencies of the(More)
Many studies are interested nowadays in the copyright of the multimedia data. In this framework, digital watermarking is a recent tool that offers some solutions. The new researches on this technique are mainly focalized on the tradeoff that exists between the insertion capacity, the imperceptibility and the robustness. The embedding function and the(More)