Christian Oliver Dressel

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According to our present knowledge, the spontaneous resolution of racemic mixtures of chiral molecules or chiral conformers of achiral molecules into macroscopic chiral superstructures requires the confinement of these molecules in a crystal lattice, on surfaces or in other well-ordered assemblies. Herein we provide the first experimental evidence that(More)
An achiral double-swallow tailed tetracatenar compound forms a re-entrant isotropic liquid between a bicontinuous cubic phase and a nematic liquid crystalline phase. This isotropic liquid was found to represent a conglomerate of two immiscible chiral liquids. The chirality is retained and eventually becomes uniform at the transition to the cubic I432 phase.
Several derivatives of tormentic acid have been prepared and tested for their antitumor activity. The dichloroacetate 14 is an excellent antitumor active agent acting by an apoptose inducing pathway as demonstrated by OA/PI staining, DNA laddering experiments as well as by an annexin V binding assay.
Chiral segregation of enantiomers or chiral conformers of achiral molecules during self-assembly in well-ordered crystalline superstructures has fascinated chemists since Pasteur. Here we report spontaneous mirror-symmetry breaking in cubic phases formed by achiral multichain-terminated diphenyl-2,2'-bithiophenes. It was found that stochastic symmetry(More)
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