Christian Nyberg

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Performance modeling is an important topic in capacity planning and overload control for web servers. We present a queueing model of an Apache web server that uses bursty arrival traffic. The arrivals of HTTP requests is assumed to be a Markov Modulated Poisson Process and the service discipline of the server is processor sharing. The total number of(More)
One problem with web servers is that they are sensitive to overload. The servers may become overloaded during temporary traffic peaks when more requests arrive than the server is designed for. Because overload usually occurs rather seldom, it is not economical to overprovision the servers for these traffic peaks, instead admission control mechanisms can be(More)
It is foreseen that you in the future should be able to use the same services independent of where you are positioned or which terminal that is used. The open service architectures provide these opportunities. Open Service Access (OSA) is an example of such an architecture and it is part of the specification delivered by 3GPP. This paper explains the OSA(More)
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