Christian Niklas

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TGR5 is a G protein-coupled receptor that mediates bile acid (BA) effects on energy balance, inflammation, digestion, and sensation. The mechanisms and spatiotemporal control of TGR5 signaling are poorly understood. We investigated TGR5 signaling and trafficking in transfected HEK293 cells and colonocytes (NCM460) that endogenously express TGR5. BAs(More)
This article gives an overview of the Electric Energy Storage (EES) library, which is proposed for inclusion in the Modelica Standard Library. The library contains models with different complexity for simulating of electric energy storages like batteries (single cells as well as stacks) interacting with loads, battery management systems and charging(More)
The application of a new signal processing methodology to the analysis of epicardial array ECG signals is presented as an alternative to isopotential or isochrones mapping by the use of a zero-delay wavenumber spectrum (ZDWS) estimation technique. The methodology "explains" the array data as the sum of modulated wideband (non-sinusoidal) propagating waves(More)
Langtitel Optimizing green energy and grid load by geographical and temporal steering of energy consumption Synopsis The G(e)oGreen projects aims at bringing a different approach to supply demand matching. It considers consumption mobility both in terms of time and space. In particular, electric vehicles and data centers processing tasks can be considered(More)
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