Christian Neusius

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Thinning algorithms are applied in image processing to compute a skeleton of an image. In this paper a new thinning method is presented which differs in its approach from other thinning algorithms. In the presented algorithm the minimal distance of a pixel to the edge of the containing object is used to extract the skeleton. Given an <italic>n x n</italic>(More)
Many synchronization mechanisms have been designed specifically for Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming as e.g. in Guide [Dec89], ACT++ [Kaf89], DCST [Nak89], and Rosette [Tom89]). In this paper we will give an adaption of "synchronization counters" to the requirements of Object-Oriented Programming. Synchronization counters were introduced independently(More)
The extension of the programming language Pascal with the concept of separate compilation is widespread but not standardized. To gain portability without loss of this extension, the technique of precompilation is used [EF88], [Br87], [Na87], [PM86]. This means that a (self-defined) extension of Pascal can be translated into a variety of pascal dialects.(More)
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