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Networks-on-Chip will serve as the central integration platform in future complex SoC designs, composed of a large number of heterogeneous processing resources. Most researchers advocate the use of traditional regular networks like meshes, tori or trees as architectural templates which gained a high popularity in general-purpose parallel computing. However,(More)
Future wireless communications networks require flexible modem architectures with high performance. Efficient utilization of application specific flexibility is key to fulfill these requirements. For high throughput a single processor can not provide the necessary computational power. Hence multi-processor architectures become necessary. This paper presents(More)
Balance is a crucial component in numerous every day activities such as locomotion. Previous research has reported distinct changes in cortical theta activity during transient balance instability. However, there remains little understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying continuous balance control. This study aimed to investigate cortical theta(More)
Clos network, a family of multistage networks, are attractive alternative for constructing scalable packet switches because of its distributed and modular design. The clos packet switching networks are the next step in scaling current crossbar switches to large number of ports. This paper presents the design and simulation of buffer(More)
Today's signal processing applications exhibit steadily increasing throughput requirements which can be achieved by parallel architectures. However, efficient communication is mandatory to fully exploit their parallelism. Turbo-Codes as an instance of highly efficient forward-error correction codes are a very good application to demonstrate the(More)
Current and future communications systems have to provide a large degree of flexibility e.g. to provide multi-service ability, seamless roaming, soft-infrastructure upgrading, user-defined propriety, simultaneous multi-standard operation , and different quality of service. This paper presents a multi-processor platform for the application domain of channel(More)
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