Christian Neeb

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— Networks-on-Chip will serve as the central integration platform in future complex SoC designs, composed of a large number of heterogeneous processing resources. Most researchers advocate the use of traditional regular networks like meshes, tori or trees as architectural templates which gained a high popularity in general-purpose parallel computing.(More)
Future wireless communications networks require flexible modem architectures with high performance. Efficient utilization of application specific flexibility is key to fulfill these requirements. For high throughput a single processor can not provide the necessary computational power. Hence multi-processor architectures become necessary. This paper presents(More)
Current and future communications systems have to provide a large degree of flexibility e.g. to provide multi-service ability, seamless roaming, soft-infrastructure upgrading, user-defined propriety, simultaneous multi-standard operation , and different quality of service. This paper presents a multi-processor platform for the application domain of channel(More)
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