Christian Nastasi

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In this paper we investigate the problem of reactive on-line bandwidth allocation in adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks. In adaptive WSN for monitoring applications, nodes can react to physical events by adapting their behavior, for instance increasing the amount of computation to be performed, or reducing the amount of consumed energy. Accordingly, the(More)
We propose a simulation environment for networks for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs), i.e. networks with sensors capturing complex vectorial data, such as for example video and audio. The proposed simulation environment allows us to model the communication layers, the sensing and distributed applications of a WMSN. This Wireless Simulation(More)
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITSs) are gaining growing interest from governments and research communities because of the economic, social and environmental benefits they can provide. An open issue in this domain is the need for pervasive technologies to collect trafficrelated data. In this paper we discuss the use of visual Wireless Sensor Networks(More)
Recently, researchers and engineers began considering the use of WSN in time-sensitive applications. For effective real-time communications, it is important to solve the problem of contention to the communication medium providing an efficient bandwidth allocation mechanism. In this paper we tackle with the problem of performing timely detection of events by(More)
The wide availability of embedded sensor platforms and low-cost cameras—together with the developments in wireless communication—make it now possible the conception of pervasive intelligent systems based on vision. Such systems may be understood as distributed and collaborative sensor networks, able to produce, aggregate and process images in order to(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks were initially proposed for environmental monitoring: in this domain the device nodes are expected to fetch sensor data and interpret them making use of basic elaboration algorithms. Effective software solutions for data base abstractions exist and are very popular. Due to bandwidth limitations, applications based on multi-view(More)
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