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We investigated Legionella and Pseudomonas contamination of hot water in a cross-sectional multicentric survey in Italy. Chemical parameters (hardness, free chlorine, and trace elements) were determined. Legionella spp. were detected in 33 (22.6%) and Pseudomonas spp. in 56 (38.4%) of 146 samples. Some factors associated with Legionella contamination were(More)
BACKGROUND Since air can play a central role as a reservoir for microorganisms, in controlled environments such as operating theatres regular microbial monitoring is useful to measure air quality and identify critical situations. The aim of this study is to assess microbial contamination levels in operating theatres using both an active and a passive(More)
The investigation of solar-like oscillations for probing the star interiors has encountered a tremendous growth in the last decade. For ground based observations the most important difficulties in properly identifying the true oscillation frequencies of the stars are produced by the gaps in the observation time-series and the presence of atmospheric plus(More)
For distributed systems to properly react to peaks of requests, their adaptation activities would benefit from the estimation of the amount of requests. This paper proposes a solution to produce a short-term forecast based on data characterising user behaviour of online services. We use \emph{wavelet analysis}, providing compression and denoising on the(More)
For large software systems, refactoring activities can be a challenging task, since for keeping component complexity under control the overall architecture as well as many details of each component have to be considered. Product metrics are therefore often used to quantify several parameters related to the modularity of a software system. This paper devises(More)
Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) confined along metal-dielectric interface have attracted a relevant interest in the area of ultracompact photonic circuits, photovoltaic devices and other applications due to their strong field confinement and enhancement. This paper investigates a novel cascade neural network (NN) architecture to find the dependance of(More)
In order to identify an object, human eyes firstly search the field of view for points or areas which have particular properties. These properties are used to recognise an image or an object. Then this process could be taken as a model to develop computer algorithms for images identification. This paper proposes the idea of applying the simplified firefly(More)
The BitTorrent mechanism effectively spreads file fragments by copying the rarest fragments first. We propose to apply a mathematical model for the diffusion of fragments on a P2P in order to take into account both the effects of peer distances and the changing availability of peers while time goes on. Moreover, we manage to provide a forecast on the(More)
booktitle={Proceedings of the XV Workshop " Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti " }, title={An agent-driven semantical identifier using radial basis neural networks and reinforcement learning}, Abstract—Due to the huge availability of documents in digital form, and the deception possibility raise bound to the essence of digital documents and the way they are spread,(More)