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In this paper a novel approach to automatic medical signal diagnosis is proposed. The authors propose a solution based on the application of Computational Intelligence (CI) to assist classification procedure based on Neural Network (NN) attempt. Experiments have been performed with the proposed CI solution applied on retrieved digital signals of various(More)
The investigation of solar-like oscillations for probing the star interiors has encountered a tremendous growth in the last decade. For ground based observations the most important difficulties in properly identifying the true oscillation frequencies of the stars are produced by the gaps in the observation time-series and the presence of atmospheric plus(More)
Solar radiation prediction is an important challenge for the electrical engineer because it is used to estimate the power developed by commercial photovoltaic modules. This paper deals with the problem of solar radiation prediction based on observed meteorological data. A 2-day forecast is obtained by using novel wavelet recurrent neural networks (WRNNs).(More)
For distributed systems to properly react to peaks of requests, their adaptation activities would benefit from the estimation of the amount of requests. This paper proposes a solution to produce a short-term forecast based on data characterising user behaviour of online services. We use \emph{wavelet analysis}, providing compression and denoising on the(More)
Surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) confined along metal-dielectric interface have attracted a relevant interest in the area of ultracompact photonic circuits, photovoltaic devices and other applications due to their strong field confinement and enhancement. This paper investigates a novel cascade neural network (NN) architecture to find the dependance of(More)
—The intermittent nature of renewable sources as wind and solar puts a challenge for their use in supply energy to small islands, isolated communities or in developing countries. The integration of battery energy storage system (BESS) or diesel groups is then mandatory. The aim of the paper is to propose a complete recurrent neural networks (RNN) based(More)
In this paper is reported a critical review, experiences and results about state of charge (SOC) and voltage prediction of Lithium-ions batteries obtained by recurrent neural network (RNN) and pipelined recurrent neural network (PRNN) based simulation. These soft computing technologies will be here presented, utilized and implemented to obtain the typical(More)
As the global energy needs to grow, there is increasing interest in the electricity generation by photovoltaics (PVs) devices or solar cells. Analytical and numerical methods are used in literature to study the propagation of surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) but the optimal thicknesses in a multilayer structure can't be established for an optimal(More)
The BitTorrent mechanism effectively spreads file fragments by copying the rarest fragments first. We propose to apply a mathematical model for the diffusion of fragments on a P2P in order to take into account both the effects of peer distances and the changing availability of peers while time goes on. Moreover, we manage to provide a forecast on the(More)