Christian Mundt

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This investigation presents an active stability control system on a twin-spool turbofan engine to recover from unstable operating conditions or to avoid them. Therefor air injection in the tip region ahead of the first low pressure compressor (LPC) rotor is used to damp any instabilities and their precursors. A high frequency instrumentation is applied to(More)
Electron ionisation mass spectra of N-methylimidazolidin-4-one organocatalysts were studied by experimental and theoretical means. The molecular ions mostly undergo alpha cleavages of exocyclic substituents that leave the five-membered ring intact. The type of substituent strongly dominates the appearance of the spectra. Fragmentation cascades are(More)
A new 4-hydroxy-L-proline derivative with a charged 1-ethylpyridinium-4-phenoxy substituent has been synthesized with the aim of facilitating mechanistic studies of proline-catalyzed reactions by ESI mass spectrometry. The charged residue ensures a strongly enhanced ESI response compared to neutral unmodified proline. The connection by a rigid linker fixes(More)
Free-piston shock tunnels allow investigations of aerothermodynamic phenomena of high speed and high enthalpy flows and their interaction with probes and bodies. Such a facility named HELM (High Enthalpy Laboratory Munich) [1] was designed and built at the University of the Armed Forces in Munich. The first operational tests have been completed successfully(More)
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