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This paper presents a fully integrated quad band GSM transceiver with a new sigma-delta modulator architecture designed in a standard 120 nm CMOS technology. The fully integrated VCO operates at 4 GHz with a frequency range that can be programmed by 10 bit. The output power of the transmitter is 8 dBm and no TX SAW filter is needed due to the low phase(More)
— A key property of polar modulator systems is the matching between amplitude and phase path. This paper shows how mismatches between these paths degrade performance and introduce difficulties in designing GSM EDGE systems. A transmitter overcoming these problems is presented. The chip has been implemented in a 0.13µm CMOS technology, with a nominal margin(More)
— A new approach to adding built-in self test (BIST) capabilities to integrated sigma-delta modulation RF transmitters is presented. An area efficient, all-digital building block generates multitone FM stimulus signals without compromising the performance of the RF transmitter itself. The RF signal is demodulated and digitized in a on-chip digital FM(More)
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