Christian Mrugalla

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Object-oriented modeling plays an increasing role in the design of embedded controllers. Formal verification can be applied in order to give evidence for meeting safety critical requirements. The "Rhapsody UML Verification Environment" supports verification of safety and liveness requirements for embedded controllers, developed within the Unified Modeling(More)
We report on the formal verification of a triple redundancy sensor voting and monitoring model written in UML using the UML Verification Environment (UVE). The original model as provided by Israel Aircraft Industries, Ltd. (IAI) doesn't adhere to the UVE modelling guidelines and is large in terms of the number of objects and the amount of concurrency(More)
Ein wichtiger Baustein für das e-Government in Deutschland ist die Vir-tuelle Poststelle des Bundes, die im Rahmen der Initiative BundOnline 2005 ent-wickelt wird und die als zentrales Kommunikations-Gateway Sicherheitsdienste für die gesicherte Kommunikation zwischen Behörden und externen Kommunika-tionspartnern – wie Bürgern, Wirtschaft und anderen(More)
We demonstrate how the 1-dimensional Schrr odinger equation can be constructed using lowest weight modules and singular vectors of the (centrally extended) Schrr odinger algebra in 1+1 spacetime dimension. After introducing a realization of a q-deformed Schrr odinger algebra in terms of q-diierence operators we derive a q-diierence analogue of the(More)
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