Christian Mouton

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Cyclo(His-Pro) (CHP) is a cyclic dipeptide with numerous biological activities. As small di- and tripeptides may be absorbed intact when ingested orally, we were interested in examining several common foods for the presence of cyclo(His-Pro)-like immunoreactivity (CHP-LI). In all foods tested, CHP-LI was found at levels 5-1500 times those previously found(More)
Colloidal gold particles 3-6 nm in diameter were prepared and stabilized with the IgG fraction of polyspecific rabbit antisera produced against four different oral bacteria. The immunogold markers were used in homologous reactions to label the bacteria in a preembedding procedure for electron microscopy. An indirect immunofluorescence procedure was(More)
The antigenic complexity of three strains of Bacteroides gingivalis and four strains resembling B. gingivalis isolated from animals was analyzed and compared by crossed immunoelectrophoresis. Thirteen antigens of the human biotype were present in all human strains and six antigens of the animal biotype were present in all animal strains, indicating a marked(More)
Several studies support the hypothesis that psychological stress may negatively affect immunocompetence. The present study sought to determine whether a relationship can be established between a measure of psychological state of stress and level of immunoglobulin of the A class (IgA) in saliva. To this end, 44 dentistry students were tested on four(More)
A cell-bound hemagglutinating adhesin (HA-Ag2) of Bacteroides gingivalis was identified by crossed immunoaffinity electrophoresis as one of the common antigens of the species. A polyclonal antiserum with a restricted specificity for HA-Ag2 was produced by immunizing with the relevant immunoprecipitate excised from crossed-immunoelectrophoresis gels. The(More)
Various arachidonic acid (AA) metabolites are known to regulate immune cell function(s) and dictate the progression of both acute and chronic inflammatory reactions. Using a model of Schistosoma mansoni egg-induced hypersensitivity granulomas, we have delineated the in vivo effects of inhibitors of cyclooxygenase (CO) and lipoxygenase (LO) pathways on(More)
We have compared outer membranes (OM) of Bacteroides gingivalis ATCC 33277 isolated by the following 3 techniques: 1) high speed centrifugation after mechanical cell shearing; 2) sonication of the bacteria, followed by solubilization of the cytoplasmic membrane with N-Laurylsarconsinate (Sarkosyl), after which the Sarkosyl-insoluble membranes were recovered(More)
We carried out a series of immunoblots with antigenic preparations from the periodontal pathogen Bacteroides gingivalis using antisera of restricted specificity for the hemagglutinating adhesin HA-Ag2, and for the major structural subunit of the fimbriae (fimbrilin). We have been able to show that these 2 antigens are distinct. The fimbrilin subunit had an(More)
Thirteen monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) directed against hemagglutinating adhesion HA-Ag2 of Bacteroides (Porphyromonas) gingivalis were produced by immunizing mice with the relevant immunoprecipitate from crossed immunoelectrophoresis (CIE). Crossed immuno-affinoelectrophoresis and hemagglutination experiments confirmed that our MAbs recognized a molecule(More)
The goal of this paper is to identify primary (licensed) users when the secondary (non-licensed) system is transmitting without Quiet Period in the same frequency band. The paper further presents the LTE operating in TV channels, where DVB-T and PMSE transmitters are considered as primary users by default. In this context, the LTE system is acting as a(More)