Christian Morgan

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A process was proposed through which individuals regulate their motivation to perform necessary but uninteresting activities over time. If committed to continuing, individuals may engage in interest-enhancing strategies that can change the activity into something more positive to perform. In Study 1 Ss performed novel tasks and generated strategies to make(More)
Sansone, Weir, Harpster, and Morgan (1992) found that individuals intentionally regulated their interest in an activity when they had both the need (the task was boring) and a reason to exert the effort (an ostensible health benefit). The present study examined Hardiness and Conscientiousness as moderators of this self-regulatory process when individuals(More)
BACKGROUND Mental health literacy is foundational for mental health promotion, prevention, stigma reduction and care. Integrated school mental health literacy interventions may offer an effective and sustainable approach to enhancing mental health literacy for educators and students globally. METHODS Through a Grand Challenges Canada funded initiative(More)
The implementation of the Care Programme Approach (CPA) in English mental health services has been slow to proceed despite general support, both in England and in other countries, of its principles of good practice. This study set out to evaluate the implementation of the CPA directly from patients' experience using the "Your Treatment and Care" assessment(More)
OBJECTIVES The primary objective was to clearly assess the oral health care knowledge of Southland parents. The secondary objective was to identify whether inequalities exist between parents with different ethnicity, education or income. DESIGN An exploratory study based on a simple online/ paper questionnaire. SETTING Participants were recruited(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Adolescents and emerging adults can provide dentists with many challenges. Little information is available on their perceptions of dental costs once they turn 18 and dentistry is no longer State-funded. The aim of this study was to explore the use of dental care by Southland students in years 12 and 13, their perceptions of the(More)
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