Christian Mollet

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— This paper is concerned with the stability of Petrov-Galerkin discretiza-tions with application to parabolic evolution problems in space-time weak form. We will prove that the discrete inf-sup condition for an a priori fixed Petrov-Galerkin discretiza-tion is satisfied uniformly under standard approximation and smoothness conditions without any further(More)
A novel adaptive approach to compute the eigenenergies and eigenfunc-tions of the two-particle (electron-hole) Schrödinger equation including Coulomb attraction is presented. As an example, we analyze the energetically lowest exciton state of a thin one-dimensional semiconductor quantum wire in the presence of disorder which arises from the non-smooth(More)
This paper deals with the efficient application of nonlinear operators in wavelet coordinates using a representation based on local polynomials. In the framework of adaptive wavelet methods for solving, e.g., PDEs or eigenvalue problems, one has to apply the operator to a vector on a target wavelet index set. The central task is to apply the operator as(More)
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