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The effects of baclofen, an agonist at GABA(B) receptors, were evaluated in rats trained to discriminate 10.0 mg/kg of cocaine or 1. 0 mg/kg of methamphetamine from saline under a fixed-ratio 10 schedule of food delivery. Baclofen (0.56-5.6 mg/kg) did not attenuate the discriminative-stimulus effects of the training dose of cocaine or methamphetamine and(More)
The aim of the present study was to measure during a sprint start the joint angular velocity and the kinetic energy of the different segments in elite sprinters. This was performed using a 3D kinematic analysis of the whole body. Eight elite sprinters (10.30+/-0.14s 100 m time), equipped with 63 passive reflective markers, realised four maximal 10 m sprints(More)
We present a new rigging and skinning method which uses a database of partial rigs extracted from a set of source characters. Given a target mesh and a set of joint locations, our system can automatically scan through the database to find the best-fitting body parts, tailor them to match the target mesh, and transfer their skinning information onto the new(More)
Ecological stoichiometry studies the balance of energy and multiple chemical elements in ecological interactions to establish how the laws of thermodynamics affect food-web dynamics and nutrient cycling in ecosystems. In this paper, we incorporate stoichiometric principles in a model with habitat heterogeneity and dispersal in order to better understand(More)
The overload imposed on the neuromuscular system under Electrostimulation (ES) can be expressed by applied current intensity or by Electrically Evoked Torque (EET). The aim of this study was to discern which of these two parameters is the one which is determinant for the efficacy of training by ES. Test and training involved isometric contraction of the(More)
Following morphine treatment, an autoradiographic study investigated the uptake of 3H-thymidine by the subependymal cells in the rat brain. 3H-thymidine was administered subcutaneously to adult, male Sprague-Dawley rats 30 minutes after saline or morphine (19 mg/kg) injection. The animals were sacrified 1 hour after 3H-thymidine administration. In some(More)
SAT solving is an indispensable core component of numerous formal verification tools and has found widespread use in industry, in particular when using it in an incremental fashion, e.g. in Bounded Model Checking (BMC). On the other hand, there are applications, in particular in the area of partial design verification, where SAT formulas are not expressive(More)
The aim of this study was to test three different rotation sequences (YXY, ZXY, and XZY) on the shoulder kinematics (rotations of the humerus relative to the thorax) during an original movement such as the tennis flat serve (FS). Nine elite male and female players performed a minimum of five flat serves. An optoelectronic motion analysis system was used to(More)