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In vivo and in vitro studies provide strong evidence of the osteogenic activity of nacre obtained from Pinctada maxima. The in vitro studies indicate that diffusible factors from nacre are involved(More)
Nacre or mother of pearl is a calcified structure that forms the lustrous inner layer of some shells. We studied the biological activity of the water-soluble matrix (WSM) extracted from powdered(More)
The nacre (mother of pearl) layer of the oyster Pinctada maxima shell can initiate bone formation by human osteoblasts in vivo and in vitro and is a new biomaterial that induces osteogenesis. This(More)
Several proteins from nacre of the oyster Pinctada maxima and the abalone Haliotis tuberculata were extracted and partly characterized. Proteins dispersed in aragonite were solubilized during(More)