Christian Menini

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The expression of the FMR–1 gene, which is implicated in fragile–X syndrome was investigated in human fetuses by in situ hybridization. In 8 and 9 week–old fetuses, FMR–1 mRNAs are expressed in proliferating and migrating cells of the nervous system, in the retina, and in several non–nervous tissues. In the brain of 25 week–old fetuses, FMR–1 mRNAs are(More)
Inositol phospholipid-specific phospholipase C (PLC) generates two important second messengers, inositol triphosphate and diacylglycerol. The recently cloned rat PLC beta 4 cDNA is highly homologous to the norpA cDNA of Drosophila melanogaster. We have mapped the PLC beta 4 gene expression in rat brain tissue sections by in situ hybridization. The PLC beta(More)
Vestibular compensation is an attractive model for investigations of cellular mechanisms underlying post-lesional plasticity in the adult central nervous system. Immediately after hemilabyrinthectomy, the spontaneous activity in the deafferented second-order vestibular neurons falls to zero, resulting in a strong asymmetry between the resting discharge of(More)
We have developed a novel microarray approach for differential screening using probes labelled with two different radioelements. The complementary DNAs from the reverse transcription of mRNAs from two different biological samples were labelled with radioelements of significantly different energies (3H and 35S or 33P). Radioactive images corresponding to the(More)
The GABA-withdrawal syndrome (GWS) is a model of local status epilepticus following the interruption of a chronic GABA infusion into the rat somatomotor cortex. GWS is characterized by focal epileptic electroencephalographic discharges and associated contralateral myoclonus. In neocortical slices obtained from GWS rats, most neurons recorded in the(More)
NORPA-PLCb4 GENE EXPRESSION IN THE RAT BRAIN AND RETINA P. Roustsa*. M. Abitbol., F. Ribeaudeau*, C. M&nil, M. Gerard’, M. Vekemans”, J. Mall& and J.-L. Dufier*. WERTO, Faculle de medecim NeckeEafmteMnl&s, Univwsitl Ren6 Oesmtes,~i&m &age, 156 rue & Vaugimd, 75015 Paris. “Laboraoire de Oenetique Mokulaire d” D&elqpemat Hum&, Faculte d: dd&m(More)