Christian Menard

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This paper presents an application of 3D-reconstruction and graph theory in the field of archaeology. The classification and reconstruction of ancient pots and vessels out of fragments (so-called sherds) is an important aspect of archaeological research work. Up to now this is a time consuming, inaccurate, and subjective task which leads to tons of(More)
The archivation process of ancient pottery is a very time consuming but important task for archaeologists. The basis for classification and reconstruction is the profile which is the cross section of the fragment through its rotational axis. In this work a bottom up design using a description language is the basis for the automatic classification and(More)
Compression has always played a crucial role in storage and transmission of heavier multimedia files. The existences of compression algorithms are more than two decade old. The normal compression algorithms are sometimes not required to process a signal in many cases where the signals are sparse. In such cases, compressive sensing highly contributes and(More)