Christian M Domröse

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BACKGROUND This study was conducted to evaluate and analyze the efficacy and safety of using gemeprost for second- and third-trimester termination of pregnancy (TOP) in women with uterine scar due to previous cesarean section. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis of 111 medical TOPs for fetal anomaly or death at 14 to 34 weeks of gestation in women with a(More)
The management of cervical cancer in pregnancy persists to be challenging. Therefore, identification of factors that influence the choice of therapeutic management is pivotal for an adequate patient counseling. We present a literature review of 26 studies reporting 121 pregnancies affected by cervical cancer. Additionally, we add a retrospective case series(More)
BACKGROUND There is controversy as to whether performing a total or subtotal colectomy is justified in patients with advanced ovarian cancer, given its potential for morbidity and a negative effect on long-term quality of life. The aim of this study was to assess the perioperative complications, mortality and outcomes of patients who underwent total or(More)
To analyze the trends and developments among journals in the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology. Using the Journal Citation Reports from 2007 to 2013, we analyzed the impact factor (IF), Eigenfactor® Score (ES), and Article Influence® Score (AIS) of 43 journals in the field of obstetrics and gynecology published in this time period. From 78 journals of(More)
The study was designed to investigate the potential contribution of hydrocortisone acetate to the efficacy and safety of an antibiotics ointment in the treatment of acute otitis externa (AOE). In a double-blind study 151 patients with a unilateral acute bacterial otitis externa were randomized either to receive an ointment with polymyxin-B sulfate (7,500(More)
OBJECTIVES Extensive surgical efforts to achieve an optimal debulking (no residual tumor) in primary surgery of ovarian cancer are today's criterion standard in gyneco-oncologic surgery. However, it is controversial whether extensive surgery, including resections of metastases in the upper abdomen and bowel resections, is justifiable in patients with not(More)
To analyze fetal cases with spina bifida undergoing termination of pregnancy according to chromosomal analysis and further diagnosed sonographic findings. Retrospective analysis of cases with spina bifida leading to termination of pregnancy in a tertiary referral center from 2002 to 2011. In the study period, 246 cases of spina bifida were diagnosed in our(More)
Late-stage ovarian cancer patient’s survival depends on complete cytoreduction and chemotherapy. Complete cytoreduction is more often achieved in institutions with a case volume of >20 cases per year. The Integrated care program Ovar (IgV Ovar) was founded in 2005 and started recruiting in 2006 with 21 health insurances and six expert centers of ovarian(More)
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