Christian Méry

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The index for hip disease (ISH) was established, validated and appraised as a new assessment test for the trial of new drugs as well as for long-term follow-up of patients, and to help with future indications for surgery. The ISH deals with pain, maximum walking distance, and some activities of daily living. Inter-observer reproducibility is good (mean(More)
We describe an index of functional impairment and a system of scoring joint tenderness for use in the assessment of ankylosing spondylitis. The functional index consists of 20 questions and the articular index is based on the scoring of a total of 10 joint responses after movement or firm digital pressure. These indices are simple to establish and not time(More)
Levonorgestrel-only emergency contraception was introduced onto the market in France in May 1999 on the heels of a large-scale clinical trial demonstrating its enhanced efficacy and tolerance over the combined estrogen-progestin reference method. To evaluate the product's real-world tolerance and efficacy in the more than 20 months that it has been on the(More)
Sixty consecutive patients with capsulitis of the shoulder (including those with shoulder-hand syndrome) seen in our clinic since 1971 underwent an oral glucose tolerance test (5 with previously recognized diabetes were excluded from this test). Capsulitis was primary in 35, secondary to other factors in 25 subjects. Females (34) out-numbered males (26).(More)
It is known that an epithelial reattachment occurs a few days after gingivectomy. Depending upon the surgical procedure and the animal species used, different times have been proposed to obtain a complete reattachment. Nevertheless, it is not known whether there is a correlation between the time required and the sequence of morphologic events involved in(More)
This article summarises the authors' experience and the data of the literature concerning Tiopronine, a drug with a thiol function like D-penicillamine, in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Two controlled trials versus placebo and two controlled trials versus D-penicillamine demonstrated the effectiveness of treatment and the identical action of 1 g of(More)