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Vaccines are considered as one of the major contributions of the 20th century and one of the most cost effective public health interventions. The International Vaccine Institute has as a mission to discover, develop and deliver new and improved vaccines against infectious diseases that affects developing nations. If Louis Pasteur is known across the globe,(More)
A study of the tolerance and potency of a quadruple vaccine adsorbed on calcium phosphate was carried out in Senegal. After a follow up of four months the local tolerance was better when the vaccine was inoculated by intramuscular injection. A high level of passively acquired antibodies was found for the three subtypes of polioviruses and seemed to delay(More)
Editors are funny types. They get exercised by such thorny issues as semi-colons, dangling participles, and whether or not ownership of a pen marked “Crestor” constitutes a confl ict of interest. But did you know that these characters gather in large numbers every year? Diffi cult as it might be to imagine that editors can get through a conference without a(More)
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