Christian Lorenz

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Integra dermal regeneration template (Integra Life Sciences, Plainsboro, N.J.) is an effective treatment for full-thickness burns. It can also be useful in contracture release procedures; however, the clinical utility of a dermal regeneration template in contracture release procedures has not been adequately characterized. In this multicenter investigation,(More)
BACKGROUND Fecal incontinence and constipation are major problems after correction of anorectal malformation (ARM), caused not only by the somatic defects but also by a psychosomatic dysfunction of defecation. To better release patients from this dysfunction we offered a multidisciplinary, psycho- and physiotherapeutic therapy according to an approach(More)
To determine the anorectal function in patients with anorectal malformations (ARM) in order to facilitate patient counseling and follow-up. Data were collected by the German network for urorectal malformations (CURE-Net) according to the International Krickenbeck consensus. Questionnaires on bowel function and a defecation protocol were completed by the(More)
Christian Lorenz is a consultant in the department of pediatric surgery, University Hospital Mannheim, and Birgit Margareta Schaefer is scientific fellow in the department of immunopathology, Institute for Immunology and Serology, University of Heidelberg, Germany ( An important goal of tissue-engineering technology(More)
This study focused on the role of volunteer work for daily recovery from work. In a 1-week diary study with 166 employees, we assessed the amount of time spent on volunteer work during leisure time, and the recovery facets of psychological detachment from work (i.e., mentally switching off from work), mastery experiences (i.e., pursuing challenging(More)
This article describes immunisation of children under 5 years among different regional and socio-economic population groups in Pakistan. It also gives insights on the health facilities used for immunisation and the reasons for not vaccinating the children. Furthermore, it discusses other factors that influence vaccination rates. The analyses are based on(More)
Urofacial syndrome (UFS) is an autosomal recessive congenital disease featuring grimacing and incomplete bladder emptying. Mutations of HPSE2, encoding heparanase 2, a heparanase 1 inhibitor, occur in UFS, but knowledge about the HPSE2 mutation spectrum is limited. Here, seven UFS kindreds with HPSE2 mutations are presented, including one with deleted(More)
The Engineering Teaching Development Project (ETDP), a pilot program started by the student chapter of ASEE at the University of Michigan, is a multi-component program designed to improve the long-term teaching skills of graduate student instructors (GSIs) in the College of Engineering. The first component of the ETDP is college-wide pedagogical workshop(More)