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IN attempts to label the nuclei of intact amphibian embryos with tritiated thymidine we found, in agreement with other authors (Tencer, 1961; Quertier, 1962; Chibon, 1962), that when the nucleoside is dissolved in tap water or media of low salt concentration it fails to enter the embryo. However, when tritiated thymidine was either injected into the embryo(More)
Two forms of urinary trypsin inhibitor, A and B, were purified from the urine of pregnant women. Form A was the only inhibitor present in fresh urine and inhibitor B arose from degradation of A upon storage of urine. The molecular masses of A and B were about 44 and 20 kDa, respectively, as judged from dodecyl-sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, but(More)
HLA-E is a ligand for the immune-inhibitory NKG2A receptor expressed on NK and T cells. To investigate HLA-E expression and immune cell infiltration in human astrocytic tumors in vivo, we analyzed normal CNS controls and astrocytomas of all WHO grades by immunohistochemistry. Both, CD8(+) immune cell infiltration and HLA-E expression were significantly(More)
Despite the blood-brain barrier (BBB) the human CNS is continuously screened by blood-derived immunological cells. In certain brain areas the local BBB configuration grants passage of large molecules, whereas others are better shielded. We investigated whether these regional BBB compositions are paralleled by differences in the degree of cellular(More)
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