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We present a new concept for optimization under uncertainty: recoverable robustness. A solution is recovery robust if it can be recovered by limited means in all likely scenarios. Specializing the general concept to linear programming we can show that recoverable robustness combines the flexibility of stochastic programming with the tractability and(More)
Cycles in graphs play an important role in many applications, e.g., analysis of electrical networks, analysis of chemical and biological pathways, periodic scheduling, and graph drawing. From a mathematical point of view, cycles in graphs have a rich structure. Cycle bases are a compact description of the set of all cycles of a graph. In this paper, we(More)
In the planning process of railway companies, we propose to integrate important decisions of network planning, line planning, and vehicle scheduling into the task of periodic timetabling. From such an integration, we expect to achieve an additional potential for optimization. Models for periodic timetabling are commonly based on the Periodic Event(More)