Christian Lewandowski

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The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal categorization of a self-efficacy ordered-response scale using the Rasch analysis and compare the performance of the Rasch statistics and parameter estimates with conventional statistics. A 50-item scale to measure psychomotor self-efficacy was administered to a total of 2,022 children, including 1,009(More)
The present communication deals with a vision system designed to detect and track roadsides on non-marked roads or paths. The initial detection method, mainly adapted to marked roads and briefly presented in this article, is based upon a model driven algorithm. This article presents the major improvements we achieved to adapt the approach to the particular(More)
The French Military Robotic Study Program (introduced in Aerosense 2003), sponsored by the French Defense Procurement Agency and managed by Thales Airborne Systems as the prime contractor, focuses on about 15 robotic themes, which can provide an immediate “operational add-on value”. The paper details the “road and track following” theme (named AUT2), which(More)
Abstract: The rollout of electric vehicles substantially changes the requirements for current power grid infrastructures. The high power demand of fast recharge stations in combination with a high risk of simultaneity leads to the necessity of extended ICT integration into the energy distribution process. This paper describes ongoing research on a(More)
For charging Electric Vehicles (EV) a communication between the EV and the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is inevitable. The Low Level Communication (LLC) protocol IEC 61851-1 is based on a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and provides safety to the customers by detecting errors very fast, e.g if the EV is disconnected from the EVSE. High Level(More)
In the context of enabling a comprehensive ICT infrastructure for the Smart Grid including Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Demand Side Management (DSM), the coexistence of narrowband and broadband access and indoor powerline communication systems is essential, since neither the customers accept performance loss of their private indoor networks, nor the(More)
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