Christian Lechner

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Several structural analogs of verapamil were studied for their ability to reverse multi-drug resistance (MDR) in human KB cell lines. D595, D792 and verapamil completely reversed resistance to colchicine and adriamycin. D595 and D792 had a higher reversing potency than verapamil. Devapamil, gallopamil, emopamil and D528 partially reversed MDR. The reversing(More)
PURPOSE To establish a fluorescence-based assay for drug interactions with the ABC-export-protein MRP2 (ABCC2). METHODS Apical membrane vesicles were isolated by differential centrifugation from polarized MDCKII cells and MDCKII cells transfected with human MRP2. Vesicle fractions were characterized by electron microscopy, determination of the marker(More)
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