Christian Leber

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This paper presents the design of an application specific hardware for accelerating High Frequency Trading applications. It is optimized to achieve the lowest possible latency for interpreting market data feeds and hence enable minimal round-trip times for executing electronic stock trades. The implementation described in this work enables hardware decoding(More)
Computer systems continue to increase in parallelism in all areas. Stagnating single thread performance as well as power constraints prevent a reversal of this trend, on the contrary, current projections show that the trend towards parallelism will accelerate. In cluster computing, scalability, and therefore the degree of parallelism, is limited by the(More)
In High Frequency Trading systems, a large number of orders needs to be processed with minimal latency at very high data rates. We propose an FPGA based accelerator for High Frequency Trading that is able to decrease latency by an order of magnitude and increase the data rate by the same rate compared to software based CPU approaches. In particular, we(More)
OBJECTIVE The study aimed to investigate the expectations of patients of a psychiatric department at a general hospital regarding their inpatient care. METHODS At a key day 131 patients were surveyed by a questionnaire comprising 39 items. The response rate was 70 % (n = 91). RESULTS The patients assign most importance to successful treatment, empathic(More)
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