Christian Laforest

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This paper presents a distributed algorithm for the general dynamic resource allocation problem. A process may request any subset of the system resources (that may be available in several instances) during a request session. We focus on the message complexity which measures the number of messages a process incurs when it requests resources. The proposed(More)
In this paper, we consider the classical NP-complete VERTEX COVER problem in large graphs. We assume that the size and the access to the input graph impose the following constraints: (1) the input graph must not be modified (integrity of the input instance), (2) the computer running the algorithm has a memory of limited size (compared to the graph) and (3)(More)
The vertex cover is a well-known NP-complete minimization problem in graphs that has received a lot of attention these last decades. Many algorithms have been proposed to construct vertex cover in different contexts (offline, online, list algorithms, etc.) leading to solutions of different level of quality. This quality is traditionally measured in terms of(More)