Christian L. Heine

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Citrulline formation by both human neuronal nitric-oxide synthase (nNOS) and mouse macrophage inducible NOS was inhibited by the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) donor Na2S with IC50 values of ∼2.4·10(-5) and ∼7.9·10(-5) m, respectively, whereas human endothelial NOS was hardly affected at all. Inhibition of nNOS was not affected by the concentrations of l-arginine(More)
Although different routes for the S-nitrosation of cysteinyl residues have been proposed, the main in vivo pathway is unknown. We recently demonstrated that direct (as opposed to autoxidation-mediated) aerobic nitrosation of glutathione is surprisingly efficient, especially in the presence of Mg(2+). In the present study we investigated this reaction in(More)
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