Christian Lüdecke

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Until now the clinical investigation of cervical pain due to whiplash injury is mainly based on finger palpation. The present study introduces a PC-interactive pressure algesimetry to standardize cervical pain measurement. Pressure pain scores of the splenius and trapezius muscles of 23 patients with an acute cervical syndrome after whiplash injury were(More)
Cervical pain is a prominent symptom in both acute whiplash injury and late whiplash syndrome. However, no systematic analysis of post-traumatic pain development covering several weeks has yet been performed in whiplash patients. It was the aim of the present study to analyse the duration and course of post-traumatic muscle pain due to whiplash injury in a(More)
Bei Patienten mit akutem zervikozephalen Schmerzsyndrom nach einem HWS-Schleudertrauma (n=12) wurde die Druckschmerzempfindlichkeit für die Mm. trapezius und splenius beidseits, für die Finger beidseits und am Vertex quantitativ bestimmt und mit einer Kontrollgruppe verglichen. Angewandt wurde eine computerinteraktive Weiterentwicklung der(More)
In patients with an acute cervicocephalic pain syndrome following whiplash injury (n = 12), pressure-pain scores for the splenius and the trapezius muscles on both sides, for the fingers on both sides and for the skull were recorded and compared to a control group. A computer-aided pain measurement was applied, which is presented as an improvement of(More)
OBJECTIVE AND METHOD The present study utilised the PC-interactive pressure algesimetry to quantify cervical pain after whiplash injury. Pressure painfulness of the splenius and trapezius muscles was investigated in patients with an acute cervical syndrome after whiplash injury and compared to that of healthy subjects. RESULTS Pressure painfulness of neck(More)
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