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Cold shock proteins (CSP) belong to the family of single-stranded nucleic acid binding proteins with OB-fold. CSP are believed to function as 'RNA chaperones' and during anti-termination. We determined the solution structure of Bs-CspB bound to the single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) fragment heptathymidine (dT7) by NMR spectroscopy. Bs-CspB reveals an almost(More)
Progress in functional and structural studies of integral membrane proteins (IMPs) is lacking behind their soluble counterparts due to the great challenge in producing stable and homogeneous IMPs. Low natural abundance, toxicity when over-expressed and potential lipid requirements of IMPs are only a few reasons for the limited progress. Here, we describe an(More)
Since a couple of years, opera houses have started transmitting selected performances via live streaming over the Internet, in order to make them accessible to a broader audience. In this context, the "Salome Experience" project, carried out at the University of Vienna in collaboration with Vienna State Opera, investigates innovative approaches for further(More)
  • Esben M. Quistgaard, Ulrich Weininger, Yonca Ural-Blimke, Kristofer Modig, Pär Nordlund, Mikael Akke +1 other
  • 2016
Peptidyl-prolyl isomerases (PPIases) catalyze cis/trans isomerization of peptidyl-prolyl bonds, which is often rate-limiting for protein folding. SlyD is a two-domain enzyme containing both a PPIase FK506-binding protein (FKBP) domain and an insert-in-flap (IF) chaperone domain. To date, the interactions of these domains with unfolded proteins have remained(More)
We introduce 'The interactive Audience Sensor Kit' (TASK). This modular system of wirelessly networked sensors facilitates the augmentation of artistic performances, in particular, music events or visual art. It was conceived to enable low-level and low-cost audience interaction by offering a set of tracker-nodes to be arranged across the venue as demanded(More)
  • Rebecca Dovega, Susan Tsutakawa, Esben M. Quistgaard, Madhanagopal Anandapadamanaban, Christian Löw, Pär Nordlund
  • 2014
Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) is a major Ser/Thr phosphatase involved in the regulation of various cellular processes. PP2A assembles into diverse trimeric holoenzymes, which consist of a scaffolding (A) subunit, a catalytic (C) subunit and various regulatory (B) subunits. Here we report a 2.0 Å crystal structure of the free B''/PR70 subunit and a SAXS(More)
  • Christian Löw, Yin Hoe Yau, Els Pardon, Caroline Jegerschöld, Lisa Wåhlin, Esben M. Quistgaard +4 others
  • 2013
Mechanosensitive channels (MS) are integral membrane proteins and allow bacteria to survive sudden changes in external osmolarity due to transient opening of their pores. The efflux of cytoplasmic osmolytes reduces the membrane tension and prevents membrane rupture. Therefore these channels serve as emergency valves when experiencing significant(More)