Christian Koboldt

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Tsebelis and the Journal's anonymous referees for helpful comments and suggestions. The paper benefitted from discussions at seminars at Abstract. In this paper we propose a new method to evaluate the distribution of power between decision making bodies in the European Union. Conventional methods that measure the voting power of players, such as the(More)
This paper examines the consequences of introducing mobile number porta-bility (MNP). As MNP allows consumers to keep their telephone number when switching providers, it reduces consumers' switching costs. However, MNP may also cause consumer ignorance if telephone numbers no longer identify networks. As a result, while fostering competition for mobile(More)
International roaming – the ability to use one's mobile phone on foreign networks – has contributed to the success of GSM services in Europe, but has also been a constant concern for competition authorities. Whilst competition for subscribers has driven down the cost of owning and using mobile phones, roaming charges have remained high, and have been the(More)
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