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Analysis of Unmanned Aerial System-Based CIR Images in Forestry—A New Perspective to Monitor Pest Infestation Levels
The detection of pest infestation is an important aspect of forest management. In the case of the oak splendour beetle (Agrilus biguttatus) infestation, the affected oaks (Quercus sp.) show highExpand
Unmanned aerial vehicles as innovative remote sensing platforms for high‐resolution infrared imagery to support restoration monitoring in cut‐over bogs
Question Can UAV-based NIR remote sensing support restoration monitoring of cut-over bogs by providing valid information on species distribution and surface structure? Location Restored poldersExpand
High-Resolution Classification of South Patagonian Peat Bog Microforms Reveals Potential Gaps in Up-Scaled CH4 Fluxes by use of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) and CIR Imagery
We used high-resolution color infrared (CIR) images captured by an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to investigate potential uncertainties in total ecosystem CH4 fluxes introduced by the classification of the surface area. Expand
Reproducibility and Practical Adoption of GEOBIA with Open-Source Software in Docker Containers
We use containerization to package a GEOBIA workflow in a well-defined FOSS environment. Expand
GMES4Mining: GMES-based Geoservices for Mining to Support Prospection and Exploration and the Integrated Monitoring for Environmental Protection and Operational Security
The GMES4Mining R&D project started in summer 2011 with the purpose of supporting management in all phases of a mining cycle. In most states of the European Union, the mines are in phases ofExpand
HPMA based amphiphilic copolymers mediate central nervous effects of domperidone.
In this study we give evidence that domperidone encapsulated into amphiphilic p(HPMA)-co-p(laurylmethacrylate) (LMA) copolymer aggregates is able to cross the blood-brain barrier, since it affectedExpand
Detecting dwelling destruction in Darfur through object-based change analysis of very high-resolution imagery
We use object-based change analysis for the automatic and selective detection of destructed dwellings in bi-temporal images in Darfur. Expand
Combining automatic and manual image analysis in a web-mapping application for collaborative conflict damage assessment
Abstract Remote sensing is increasingly being used by non-profit organizations and international initiatives to localize and document combat impacts such as conflict damage. Most of the practicalExpand
Enabling reproducible OBIA with open-source software in docker containers
In this study, we use the Docker technology to containerise an OBIA workflow in a well-defined FOSS environment. Expand