Christian Kennel

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Auditory reafferences are real-time auditory products created by a person's own movements. Whereas the interdependency of action and perception is generally well studied, the auditory feedback channel and the influence of perceptual processes during movement execution remain largely unconsidered. We argue that movements have a rhythmic character that is(More)
A knowledge of photon energy spectra emitted from X-ray tubes in radiology is crucial for many research domains in the medical field. Since spectrometry is difficult because of high photon fluence rates, a convenient solution is to use computational models. This paper describes the use of six computer codes based on semiempirical or empirical models. The(More)
The motor system is engaged when we perceive movement in the environment, even when we have no sensorimotor experience of that movement. It has been suggested that this ability relies on internal models that comprise specific exteroceptive representations, such as audition and vision. It has been shown that, for human movements, the quality of perception(More)
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