Christian Kaul

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Several theories suggest that people do not represent race when it does not signify group boundaries. However, race is often associated with visually salient differences in skin tone and facial features. In this study, we investigated whether race could be decoded from distributed patterns of neural activity in the fusiform gyri and early visual cortex when(More)
People perceive and evaluate others on the basis of social categories, such as race, gender and age. Initial processing of targets in terms of visually salient social categories is often characterized as inevitable. In the current study, we investigated the influence of processing goals on the representation of race in the visual processing stream.(More)
It is investigated in how far support vector machines are suitable for filtering spam e-mail. Support vector machines have several advantages in comparison to other machine learning approaches and have been proven to be an efficient tool for classification of linguistically preprocessed text. A software program has been developed that learns the individual(More)
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