Christian Katzenmeier

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Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a non-destructive, adjustable, and mainly reversible method of continuously giving electrical impulses into a small area of the brain via implanted electrodes. It has been established as a standard form of treatment for specific cases of Parkinson's disease, essential tremor and dystonia. It is currently being evaluated for(More)
Scarcity in the German health care system leads to an implicit allocation of means and also implies a risk of liability for physicians. Prioritisation can contribute to the solution of these problems and ascertain an equitable allocation of scarce resources. However, the criteria that will be applied to establish a ranking order will have to be thoroughly(More)
Patient autonomy is a valuable asset. Under German law, the patient's right to self-determination is ensured by a corresponding duty of the physician to inform. Owing to various case laws of the courts over the last few decades, that duty, in all of its aspects (i.e., informing the patient about risks and benefits, about the diagnosis, about the course of(More)
The obligation to establish and maintain proper organisational structures of clinical activity is gaining more and more significance in everyday hospital routine. It pertains to the general requirements for providing medical care and establishes a legal framework. Diagnosis, therapy and follow-up care must be organised in such a way that all avoidable(More)
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