Christian Kater

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Currently location privacy settings of mobile operating systems are limited to the option of enabling or disabling the use of location completely or on a per-app basis. When location use is allowed, users always reveal their location in full precision even to apps that do not need it. For instance, weather forecast apps and navigation apps both get the most(More)
Spam is a widespread problem for many online services. The use case in this paper is the social bookmarking system Bib-Sonomy, which received over 150 times more registrations from spam users than from normal users over the last ten years. A common approach to fight spam is to use machine learning to classify the users into good or malicious users. Based(More)
Migeon et al (1968) described an entity of adrenal unresponsiveness to ACTH characterized by hypoglycemia, hyperpigmentation normal tolerance to salt deprivation and no elevation of plasma Cortisol with ACTH. The possibility of X-linked and autosomal forms suggests heterogeneity in this rare condition. Two affected brothers, offspring of first-cousin(More)
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