Christian Karl

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An analog inner hair cell and auditory nerve circuit using a dual AGC model has been implemented using 0.35 micron mixed-signal technology. A fully-differential current-mode architecture is used and the ability to correct channel mismatch is evaluated with matched layouts as well as with digital current tuning. The Meddis test paradigm is used to examine(More)
There is broad evidence that contextual factors influence the processing of emotional facial expressions. Yet temporal-dynamic aspects, inter alia how face processing is influenced by the specific order of neutral and emotional facial expressions, have been largely neglected. To shed light on this topic, we recorded electroencephalogram from 168 healthy(More)
A relatively new cognitive-affective training procedure, the Attentional Bias Modification (ABM) technique, is thought to decrease biases in the allocation of attention toward negative emotional stimuli. In two studies, we tested in samples of healthy students whether a single session of ABM has an influence on early orienting of spatial attention as(More)
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