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From Intergovernmental Bargaining to Deliberative Political Processes: The Constitutionalisation of Comitology
Abstract: This article argues that the irresistible rise of Comitology is an institutional response to the deep-seated tensions between the dual supranational and intergovernmentalist structure ofExpand
Transforming strategic interaction into deliberative problem-solving: European comitology in the foodstuffs sector
The central argument of this contribution is that core institutional features of the European Community (EC) should be read as supranational versions of deliberationist ideals. After outlining aExpand
'Social Market Economy' as Europe's Social Model?
Europe continues to search for its – 'European' – social model and the, search seems to become increasingly urgent. It is no longer just the 'democratic deficit', but also and alongside it, theExpand
EU Committees: Social Regulation, Law and Politics
One of the striking features of the European Community's regulatory regimes is the role assigned to committees at all stages of the preparation of new measures and the implementation of its policies.Expand
Taking the Law Seriously: On Political Science and the Role of Law in the Process of European Integration
The interdisciplinary discourse on European law seems paradoxical. While the editors of this Journal plead for a contextual jurisprudence, political scientists are discovering the importance of lawExpand
Informal Politics, Formalised Law and the Social Deficit of European Integration: Reflections after the Judgments of the ECJ in Viking and Laval
The judgments of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) of December 2008 in Viking and Laval on the compatibility of national collective labour law with European prerogatives have caused quite a heatedExpand
What is Left of the European Economic Constitution? A Melancholic Eulogy
The essay starts from the assumption that the efforts to cure Europe’s democracy deficits will also have to address the social problematique of the Europeanization process. This is a challenge withExpand