Christian Jensen

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Several recent surveys conclude that people are concerned about privacy and consider it to be an important factor in their online decision making. This paper reports on a study in which (1) user concerns were analysed more deeply and (2) what users said was contrasted with what they did in an experimental e-commerce scenario. Eleven independent variables(More)
book describes a constructive approach to the inverse Galois problem: Given a finite group G and a field K, determine whether there exists a Galois extension of K whose Galois group is isomorphic to G. Further, if there is such a Galois extension, find an explicit polynomial over K whose Galois group is the prescribed group G. The main theme of the book is(More)
In a sticky-price model for monetary policy analysis we study two different commitment strategies. The first suggests that the policymaker approach the policy problem from a timeless perspective and bind himself to a procedure for determining his future actions, instead of committing to a plan for the actions themselves. The second alternative introduces a(More)
In this paper we introduce the iWatch web crawler, a tool designed to catalogue and analyze online data practices and the use of privacy related indicators and technologies. Our goal in developing iWatch was to make possible a new type of analysis of trends, the impact of legislation on practices, and geographic and social differences online. In this paper(More)