Christian J Posner

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Recovery of contractility after a rested-state contraction in rat ventricle proceeded in two phases and is described by equations that are solutions of a nonhomogeneous second-order differential equation. The recovery can be characterized by a damping ratio defined in terms of the constants of the homogeneous portion of the differential equation. When(More)
BACKGROUND Physicians who perform fewer than 75 coronary interventional procedures annually and centers where fewer that 200 procedures are performed annually are considered to be low-volume and likely to have higher procedural risk and suboptimal outcomes. METHODS This was assessed in a retrospective analysis of clinical outcomes in 559 patients who(More)
Rat diaphragms depleted of calcium involved in excitation-contraction (E-C calcium) coupling were tagged with Ca. Seventy percent of the Ca was extracted by a 25 HIM NaHCOs-50% glycerol solution. Treatment of the muscles with caffeine, shown previously to release E-C calcium, decreased extractable Ca to about one-fourth of that of control muscles,(More)
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