Christian J. Gloeckner

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The Drosophila Discs large (Dlg) scaffolding protein acts as a tumor suppressor regulating basolateral epithelial polarity and proliferation. In mammals, four Dlg homologs have been identified; however, their functions in cell polarity remain poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate that the X-linked mental retardation gene product Dlg3 contributes to(More)
Nuclear opioid binding sites have been discovered in NG108-15 neurohybrid cells. Marker enzyme analyses as well as electron and fluorescence microscopy studies attested to the high degree of purity of the nuclear preparations. Immunohistochemical studies on cryostat sections of NG108-15 cells with an antibody to the opioid receptor corroborated a nuclear(More)
According to current concepts, agonists can effect the down-regulation of cell surface receptors, whereas antagonists can cause their up-regulation. We have discovered that the opioid antagonists naltrexone, naloxone, and ICI174864 induce a transient down-regulation of delta-opioid receptors before up-regulation, in NG108-15 cells. The possibility of an(More)
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