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[1] In 2003–2005, systematic studies in four contrasting hydrogeologic settings were undertaken to improve understanding of source and transport controls on nitrate movement to public supply wells (PSW) in principal aquifers of the United States. Chemical, isotopic, and age tracer data show that agricultural fertilizers and urban septic leachate were the(More)
BACKGROUND Orthopaedic surgeons often face clinical situations where improved screw holding power in cancellous bone is needed. Injectable calcium phosphate cements are one option to enhance fixation. METHODS Paired screw pullout tests were undertaken in which human cadaver bone was augmented with calcium phosphate cement. A finite element model was used(More)
Recent work has called into question the reality of the rare male mating advantage, pointing out that it could be a statistical artifact of marking flies for behavioral observation or of experimental bias in collecting males. We designed an experiment to test for rare male mating advantage that avoids these sources of bias. Large numbers of males of three(More)
Neither CERF, nor any persons acting on behalf of either: a. Makes any warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the infortnation contained in this report, or that the use of any apparatus, method, or process disclosed in this report may not infringe third party rights; or b. Assumes any(More)
Variance and covariance components were estimated for weaning weight from Senepol field data for use in the reduced animal model for a maternally influenced trait. The 4,634 weaning records were used to evaluate 113 sires and 1,406 dams on the island of St. Croix. Estimates of direct additive genetic variance (sigma 2A), maternal additive genetic variance(More)
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