Christian Infante

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The Experience Sampling Method is widely used for collecting self-report responses from people in natural settings. While most traditional approaches rely on using a phone to trigger prompts and record information, wearable devices now offer new opportunities that may improve this method. This research quantitatively and qualitatively studies the experience(More)
The influence of cigarette smoking on daily breast-milk volume was measured by the dose-to-mother deuterium-dilution method in 10 smoking and 10 nonsmoking mothers. After administration of deuterium to the mother, breast milk and infant saliva were sampled over 14 d and analyzed by mass spectrometry. Nonsmoking mothers had a significantly greater(More)
The validity of the deuterium dilution technique as a method of measuring fluid intake was investigated by comparing values obtained with this technique and direct measurements of milk intake in 10 exclusively bottle-fed infants recovering from protein-energy malnutrition. Values for total body water were derived from body weight and length using(More)
A validation study of the dose-to-mother deuterium dilution method to measure breast-milk intake has been carried out on ten infants from a Nutrition Recovery Centre in Santiago, Chile. Formula milk labelled with exponentially decreasing doses of deuterium oxide represented milk from a 'pseudo mother' of these exclusively bottle-fed infants. Unlabelled(More)
OBJECTIVE Equilibration time of deuterium oxide was studied in infants with no restriction of food intake, as in field work stringent conditions have to be relaxed. SUBJECTS Ten children recovering from marasmatic undernutrition in an Infant Nutrition Centre (CONIN). METHODS Four males and six females [mean 253 +/- 38 (SD) days old] exclusively(More)
A heavy-water dilution technique has been used to measure mean daily breast-milk output in a group of nursing mothers from an urban community in Santiago, Chile. Infant milk intake was found to correlate significantly with weight (r = 0.646, P less than 0.005) and with weight-for-age (r = 0.640, P less than 0.005), but a much stronger and highly significant(More)
Studies were carried out to ascertain methodological aspects and the validity of the deuterium dilution technique to determine maternal milk intake. Our study, conducted in 2-3 months-old normal infants, indicated that isotopic equilibrium is reached 6-8 hours after administration of an initial dose of 16.5% deuterium solution. Comparisons of liquid intake(More)
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